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What We Have to Offer

One of the core philosophical ideals of Dr. Maria Montessori was her understanding of a child’s need to move to perfect their coordination, master their large and gross motor skills and fully develop their intellect. At Small World Montessori, our enrichment program offerings are well-balanced and carefully chosen, in order to maintain congruency with Montessori's beliefs in the direct relationship between movement and cognitive development. The enrichment programs are term-based (Fall and Spring) and optional to all families.  The enrichment programs provide an additional opportunity for our students to develop as well-rounded, confident and successful individuals. Some of these enrichment programs include but are not limited to:


Learning to become a super soccer star, your child will participate in a Soccer Program whose foundation is built on exercise and character development. These experienced coaches are Trained and Certified and will promote our students to use positive communication and teamwork through the use of a well-developed curriculum. This sport teaches children more about working together as a TEAM and building self-confidence, as they are taught techniques to become a better soccer player!


New Year, New Enrichment! Our new STEM program gives our students the chance to learn more about the conception, design, manufacture, and operation of robots! Robotics for children uses a fun, hands-on approach to building and programming robots with LEGO Bricks (Mindstorm). Robotics brings children together while making friends, developing new skills, and refining their math skills. Our students will have the opportunity to discover new shapes, recognize dimensions, apply new concepts and enhance their imagination!

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