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Parent Testimonials 

"The staff is very professional, the food they serve is healthy, and the atmosphere is peaceful. It's clean and safe. I couldn't be happier. It's worth every penny! Love it and so do my little ones!"

- Toni L.

"My wife and I could not have asked for more than what this school has put together for their students. The level of care and education is head and shoulders above the average 'daycare' facility and the children benefit tremendously from the high quality curriculum. It's clear they put a high level of emphasis on hiring the right staff and it's reflected in their management, teachers and administration."

- Jay Z.

"The Montessori method is used here and I love seeing my son learn and grow. The lunch is organic and served to all the kids. My son is picky and his teachers have been working miracles getting him to actually try new and different foods. We love Small World Montessori and the impact it's having on him. I would recommend it to anyone!"

- Melissa H.

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