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How to Enroll

Step 1: Schedule a Tour at Small World Montessori

We welcome the opportunity to show you how unique and wonderful our programs are. A tour with the School Director is required for enrollment. Tours are scheduled by appointment all year round. Tours are designed to view the facility, answer questions and learn more about your child’s learning needs. Tours run approximately 1 hour and include a ten-minute observation during class time. *Please note: Observations will take place from the visitor’s window to minimize the effect on the classroom community.

Schedule a tour today!

Step 2: Student Visit

A student visit is required for enrollment. The student visit may occur at the initial parent tour or scheduled as a second appointment. Parents observe from the visitor’s window while the child explores the classroom environment. Teachers will spend this time getting to know him/her and making them feel comfortable in the classroom.

Step 3: Pre-Enrollment

Families who wish to move forward with enrollment will contact the School Director and state their interest. The following forms are required to be completed (present in the parent folder):


1. Parent Questionnaire - Applies to all children.

2. Student Evaluation Form - Children coming from another school have the Student Evaluation Form completed by their current teacher.

3. Evaluation, Recommendation, and/or IEP - When applicable the most recent evaluation, recommendation, and/or IEP must accompany pre-enrollment documents.

Step 4: Accepting Offer of Enrollment

To accept an offer of enrollment, complete and submit the following forms and fees:

1. Application of Enrollment with Supplemental Documents

2. Parent Contract and Financial Agreement

3. Payment (all fees are non-refundable)

To request a tour or inquire about our school, please click here

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