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Welcome to Small World Montessori School

"We measure our success by the success of each individual child"
Dear Prospective Parent(s),

          I would like to cordially invite you to tour our website. Visit our institution. Meet the Director and our team of Educators. I invite you, during the parent-student visitation, to watch our students in their classrooms actively and affectionately pursing their curiosities and establishing a base for the love of learning. I am certain that such an exposure will allow you to conceptualize what makes Small World Montessori’s (SWM) individualized approach for each child so unique and why we are a preferred choice for early care and education.


          Small World Montessori in Miramar was designed with great attention to detail. Our dedication to the prime building concepts mirrors our attention to the details when it comes to our students. The facility’s theme is based on “Water” with design details that focus on tranquility with an ambiance that permeates a spa-like atmosphere to sooth the mind, body, and spirt of each child.  Bio-Specific flooring, designed to resist germs, is found throughout the facility.  Contoured chairs, designed by a leading green manufacturer, provide comfort and support for the children so that they may concentrate on their lessons free of discomfort and distraction. The playground is an accomplishment in the blending of modern building materials and a multi-sensory experience that holds true to the essence of the Montessori curriculum by creating an exterior classroom which engages and enhances the child’s sensory learning experience. This exterior classroom also provides opportunities for physical development and motor coordination growth. Our playground boasts a natural artificial turf with an environmentally friendly infill (Envirofill) infused with Microban, thereby creating a safe and secure playground environment.


          Observers of our classrooms are often enchanted by the respect and kindness displayed by our teaching staff. Individualized care and attention given to our students while promoting their independence provides an atmosphere in which they may thrive emotionally, socially, spiritually, physically and cognitively. Our American Montessori Society (AMS) certified teaching staff is handpicked, prepared and seasoned to meet our commitment to quality. Providing a child the capacity to pursue their individual curiosities is authentic Montessori. It is a time-tested approach proven effective for over 100 years.


          At Small World Montessori, we believe every student possess limitless potential for excellence and success. I, again, invite you to visit our beautiful campus, where we measure our success by the success of each individual child. See how Small World Montessori might be just the right fit for your child.


With Affection and Gratitude,


Mr. Ammir Vayani

Head of School

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