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 Primary Program 
3 Years to 6 Years

Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.”

 - Maria Montessori










The Preschool years are a magical time in development. Children transition from being entirely dependent on their parents to being somewhat independent beings in the world. Primary classrooms offer children precision, exactness, and order through manipulation of materials, which are carefully designed to encourage curiosity and a love for learning. The children in the classroom are independently engaged in purposeful work, so they can develop a solid academic foundation and desire for lifelong learning. In our Primary Program, we carefully teach children how to care for their own need and provide opportunities to improve by practice.


We strive to:

• To encourage independent decision making and problem solving skills

• To become an integral member of the classroom community

• To develop positive social, emotional and physical growth in a respectful environment​


What does this program offer?

  1. Montessori early childhood programs offer the most comprehensive curriculum for parents who have the goal of preparing their child for elementary school.

  2. Nearly everything within the walls of a Montessori classroom is child-sized.

  3. Children “work” with authentic Montessori materials including a wide range of high-quality, age-appropriate materials—objects such as wooden blocks, sand trays, textured fabrics, glass beads, etc. 

  4. All of the materials are designed to be self-teaching. Children learn to solve problems, see natural connections in knowledge, learn skills related to practical living, and therefore, expand their imaginative thinking.

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