Summer at Small World Montessori!

Small World Montessori is open all-year-round! The Summer Program is a fun-filled educational experience for each child.  Every summer, Small World Montessori's annual 10-Week Summer Program focuses on educating our students about different countries and cultures around the world by promoting emersion through language, art, dance, authentic cultural activities. Students also attend on and off-site field trips in relation to the Summer Program's theme. As students are engaging in cultural activities throughout the summer, the majority of our academic staff remains on-site during the summer term. This is to ensure that students continue to receive refreshment of their Montessori lessons as well as to provide support for students who may need reinforcement or advancement in particular academic areas.

Check out our previous Summer Programs by clicking on any of the images below!


Multicultural Extravaganza

2016 Summer Program Flyer v.2 - Miramar.


Travel the World and the Seven Seas



Around the World in 50 Days



Where in the World is...Carmen Sandiego?


Where in the World is...Carmen Sandiego? SEASON 2